Learn Twi

Learn Twi


  • Akwaaba: welcome
  • MaakyeGood morning
  • MaahaGood afternoon
  • Maadwo: Good evening
  • Etesen?: How are you? (response) Me ho ye: I am well


  • Wofa: uncle
  • Obaa: girl, woman
  • Obarima: boy, male
  • Obibini: black person
  • Obroni: white person
  • M’adamfo: my friend
Mepaakyew wo b3 warry me? = Excuse me will you marry me?
Mereba = I’m coming
Merekoo aba= I’m going and then coming back
Wo Firi Hene = Where are you from?
Wo din de sen? =  What’s your name?
Me din de Jeremy Kwabena = My name is
Ekom de me = I’m hungry (literally….hunger has taken me)
mepaakyew me pE kwedu = excuse me, I would like banana(s)
yEbEhyia bio= We will meet again
chalé= dude, yo, my friend, and a million other things
Eye fE = It is beautiful
Kafra = I’m sorry
K) Bra wae= Go and then come, please
Ghanafuo= Ghana people
Mep3 Ghana paa= I like Ghana a lot
Mefi Ghana= I miss Ghana
Ghana 3y3 de = Ghana is sweet (great)
Mew) Ghana bosome enin na nawokye miensa=  I stay in ghana for 4 months and two weeks
Mep3 se me di fufuo da= I want to eat fufu everyday
Y3fr3 wo sen? = What’s your name (literally…they call you what)
wop3 den? = What would you like (to buy/eat)?
Obruni bra wae! =White person! Come! please
ma men =  I’m full/satisfied
dwonso de me= I’m thirsty
mepakyew mame emo 50 pesuas wae= excuse me, please give me 50 pesuas worth of rice
mep3 se me sa azonto daa= I want to dance azonto everyday/all the time
ah! Obruni wote twi?!= Wow! White man you understand Twi?
aane, meka twi kakra= yes, I speak twi a little bit
mey3 osuani= I am a student
menii sika= I don’t have money
wei y3 sen? = how much is it?
Te so kakra wae= reduce it (the price) a little please
3y3 s3n? = How Much?
Wonte so? = won’t you reduce it?
Ne bo) y3 den = It’s expensive (the price is hard)
M3t) mmienu = I’ll buy two of them
to so = add a dash (extra)
Wei ny3 f3 koraa = this one is not nice at all
Ankaa no 3y3 d3? = Are the oranges sweet?
ma menhw3 = let me see it
M3t) = I’ll buy it

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