Learn Pidgin

Learn Ghanaian Pidgin

Here are some common phrases I hear/use everyday, and my subjective translation to English.


Chalé wasop?!= Yo What’s up?

Ah dey oo! What be da action plus you? = I’m chillin. What’s up with you?

Chalé Ah just dey! = I’m just chillin, man.

Chalé Make we go = Let’s go

I de speak Pidgin small small = I speak pidgin a little bit

My mind dey for anything = I’m down for what ever

Chalé I make nice = Yo, I’m feeling great

Obroni you de force = Whiteman, you are trying

Hope everything nice for your side = Hope all is well

I go see you morrow = See you tomorrow

Talk them say I dey greet them = Tell them I say hi

Ah dey come rydee, make you no worry = I’ll be right back, don’t worry

Ah de chock dems den we go come you barb? = I’m waiting for them then we’re going to come, go it?

Chalé I make sorry waa bah ah no go comout again I tiya waa = I’m very sorry but I’m not going out again I’m really tired.

I no fit chop sake of I sati rough = I can’t eat because I’m too full

like joke like joke = times flew by, I can’t believe it’s over

I dey come = I’m coming, which in English translations to “I’m leaving and coming back”

wey tin man no see before= what ever happens, happens

Chalé day break! =good morning

man tiya woman no no= I’m fed up (literally…man is tired and the woman don’t even know)

you fuck up= you’re kidding!/you’re funny

we go crosh=  see you later/around

safe = be safe

one = one love

make we link up morrow = let’s meet up tomorrow

I booze rough = I drake too much

I make fine = I’m drunk

Masa, that thing/level no dey oo = Man! You’ve taken this too far/ That’s enough

you de bore me saf! = you’re really pissing me off

why you dawg me sof? = why are you ignoring me?

you make I make sad = you’re making me sad/you messed up my day

I de hung baaaaaad! =I’m SO hungry


My Obroni friends and I make up our own Pidgin.


I de go vom = I’m going to throw up (vomit)

Yesti I make diedie = Yesterday I had diarrhea

Make I blast your head ?= Can I poop on your head?

I de wan go chop something tantalizing = I wanna go eat Luisa’s food

I de go pop pills = I’m going to take my malaria medication

It’s so f*@#ing hot = I’m so fu@#ing hot

Charlie you de swag oo = you’re all swagged out/dressing nice!



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