Ghanaian Day Names


Male: Kwadwo/Kojo



Male: Kwabena

Female: Abena


Male: Kwaku

Female: Akua


Male: Yaw

Female: Yaa


Male: Kofi

Female: Afua


Male: Kwame

Female: Ama


Male: Kwasi

Female: Akosua

3 thoughts on “Ghanaian Day Names

  1. Thanks for this, Jeremy. We got a little tutorial on Ghanaian day names, but I really only remembered mine (Afua). I thought it might be fun to do a little presentation about my trip to Ghana and share what I had learned with my Marketing team cohorts here at work….I could teach them all their Ghanaian day names! And be a hero ;)

    Anyway — thank you! And also, it’s uncanny, but I started to follow links within your blogs to your pictures on Facebook. You have albums from trips that you have taken that mirror EXACTLY the trips I have taken in recent years – Brasil, Israel, and Ghana. What are the odds? If you ever feel like checking out my photos (I’ve really only posted the ones from Israel and Ghana, and they exist mainly in the Mobile Uploads album I think) but there are some pics from Brazil sprinkled throughout my other albums….visit


    • Hey!
      Afua: Friday born! That’s a crazy coincidence. In my opinion, those are fascinating places to visit. We are lucky! I clicked the link and saw a few pictures, but there weren’t many. Perhaps I need to add you as a friend to view all of them. Thanks for sharing!

      • Yeah, sorry… photos on Facebook are not archived very effectively. I created a Google + album for the pics from Ghana…..maybe I’ll do the same and upload my photos from Israel and Brasil there as well.

        Either way, I’ll send you a Friend request, so we can keep in touch! I’m curious
        to know more about New Seed….it sounds like it would be a great volunteer opportunity…hmmmm……

        Happy Birthday!


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