Boxing and a Visit to NewSeed International


Last Thursday as a part of “Hall Week” celebration for a dorm on campus there was an event called Boxing Night. It was CRAZY. I wish I brought a camera (SORRY)! In the middle of the handball court, they brought in a full-sized ring for anyone to sign up and then just go at it with gloves and a helmet while everyone watched and cheered. Two people had microphones and were giving the play by play, sort of like the guy from AND-1 basketball who hypes up all the plays. Most of it wasn’t even boxing, they were just beating the shit out of each other! The ref was practically of no use, as he seemed to barely split up the fights about 10 seconds before an ambulance would be needed. At least 10 random Ghanaians tried to convince me to go up and box/fight. If I knew how to fight, I would have. But I told them my face was too beautiful to ruin. “Charlie (Chalé) I de booze too much! I no go box!” In pidgin, that means, “Yo I’m too drunk I’m not going to box!” The boxing ended as the current hall president went up against the former hall president.

After it was over, I met up with some friends from the basketball team and watched the Wisconsin Syracuse game. Close game…I would’ve been very excited if Wisconsin pulled it off…but Syracuse is good. The TV was surprisingly clear. It became static-y at times, though. They showed the same 4 commercials for 2.5 hours straight….I practically had them memorized. Friday I had a terrible headache all day and took a test with a throbbing migraine. I could barely keep my head up. I hope I didn’t fail :-X If you plan on attending college, I would not recommend taking the SATs with a migraine. Unless your Brandon Jennings!

I thought I had malaria…but apparently I didn’t because….. I’m still alive. Good news! I’m better now, though! Saturday morning we went to the Volta Region to visit International, an orphanage that I do fundraising for on campus at UW-Madison. I’m actually president (oh yeah…!) of the student org on campus even though we’re not that big. NewSeed is part of the reason I chose Ghana, so it was good to finally go there. The ride took about 5.5 hours (I was told it was a 3.5 hour trip). It was an extremely uncomfortable tro-tro ride. Imagine those Chevrolet, “LIKE A ROCK”, commercials over those huge bumps in the road, except with 12 people packed into the trunk sitting cross legged with a bag on their lap. In the scorching heat. That’s how I felt. Oh….and I had been up since 5:45 am! Trying to nap was like convincing a Bhuddist monk to strike a baby. Not happening.

Finally around 12 we arrived and ate a delicious meal and then went to play with the ! We spent the day , dancing, teaching them dances, playing soccer, taking pictures, and just hanging out. They definitely enjoyed our . It was so great to make em smile. They’re SO ! They were enamored by my iPhone, and drained the entire battery clicking every button imaginable. A few of them watched a movie that they definitely could not understand. Some of them had nap time….and I decided to them!

That night we told the kids stories. My friend read the 3 little piggies story off her blackberry. I considered that cheating. Our Ghanaian friend, Godwin, told a story about how Monkeys and Wales use to be best friends and the tale of how their friendship fell through. came up and sang and read poems and told stories, too. It was nice.

That night, we stayed up talking to Godwin about Voodoo/Zuzu witchcraft. He claimed he has seen people vanish in front of his own eyes. He said he could show us to the Jzoo-Jzoo man in his village the next day. We were eager to see this magic for ourselves. That night I had a rough nights’ sleep. My migraine decided to surprise me around 3 am for a wake up call! I wanted to take a machete to my forehead. But I didn’t. For one, I didn’t bring my machete. Also, it would make updating my blog too difficult, even though my headache probably would have felt better! I was then woken up shortly after around 5 am by a Muslim call to prayer. Although I’m sure they view it as a friendly invitation and a nice gesture, timing is everything. They wouldn’t shut up. The noise did overpower the 175 Hen’s that were 40 feet from my room, though. That was a plus. Kind of.

We woke up early, and I hopped in the shower. After two minutes, the water stopped. A kid walked in shortly after. Awkward. I didn’t have my glasses on so I missed his reaction, too! We ate a delicious pancake breakfast, smiled at how cute the kids looked as they got ready for church, and went off on our way to go to the monkey village, waterfalls, and to find a jzoo-jzoo voodoo man!

(gotta go….I’ll try to post the rest of my weekend soon) Stay tuned!!! THANKS FOR READING! HOPE IT WAS STIMULATING AND PLEASING! Love, Jeremy ‘Kwabi’ G

One thought on “Boxing and a Visit to NewSeed International

  1. Jeremy–I met with Maj Fischer in Madison yesterday and she told me that there are already 5 students going to volunteer at New Seed this summer thanks to your efforts. What a difference that will make to the orphanage! How cool that you got to meet the kids and see what you are helping support.

    Don’t forget that HCL should help the migraines. Hopefully that won’t happen again.

    Keep up the great work and enjoying your time in Ghana. Love you oxxo Mom

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