Another Video!!


I had a GREAT time last weekend as I traveled to the Volta region where I stayed at an Orphanage called NewSeed International, saw a bunch of monkeys, and went to a beautiful waterfall in a rainforest. Yesterday, I had a wonderful 21st birthday. I appreciate everyone’s wishes! Thanks!

Details on those experiences to come…..

For now, here’s another video with footage from the Cape Coast Slave Castles, Canopy walks, The Green Turtle Lodge, and more! Enjoy!! Stay tuned for the next post…



One thought on “Another Video!!

  1. Beautiful water, beautiful green colors, and all the people look so friendly and happy. I hope you are learning azonto so you can bring it back……it looks great! (at least when the locals dance.) i hope you are getting good at it!

    That alligator/croc looks a bit scary,I have to say!

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